Institute of Environment and Power Technology(IEPT)
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna-9203, Bangladesh


Institute of Environment and Power Technology (IEPT) is established on 7 th August, 2016 as the third institute of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) after getting approval from the University Grant Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. The objective of establishing the institute (IEPT) in KUET is to fulfil the national and international demand of research on environment and power technology which in turn will contribute to the socio-economic growth and infrastructure development of the country. Energy is the crucial need of mankind and is input to the development of any society. Per capita energy consumption is an index to the development of a nation. For Bangladesh this index is very low compared to the developed countries, even to the developing countries. Bangladesh is not fortunate with vast natural energy resources except gas. Also, the conventional energy sources are depleting day by day. To overcome this situation, researchers are trying to find out alternative sources for energy. The country is facing crisis in the power sector and government has taken various action plans to eradicate this situation by 2021. Energy projects are directly related with the environment as non-renewable energy sources are mostly used in this sector. To support Government’s plan, the purpose of this Institute is to promote and provide postgraduate degrees (Master’s and Ph.D.) in Environment and Power Technology for graduates from multi-disciplines to meet the demand of higher studies and research. IEPT will also provide postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Environment and Power Technology to develop skilled professional to meet the demand of mid-level experts. At the same time, the Institute will also launch different training programs based on solutions of energy and environmental problems and diplomas to enrich persons for present job market. Besides these, IEPT will arrange seminars and workshops with the collaboration of the Ministry of Energy and Power of Bangladesh and other organizations involved in Environment and Power research. Khulna is geographically in a distant location from the capital city Dhaka and people are less aware of energy resources and crisis. Also, researches on these fields are limited. To achieve the above aims and objectives, the Institute will perform its activities through two wings (Academic and Research Wing and Finance and Accounts Wing) under the administration of the Board of Governors (BOG), one Director, and two Associate Directors. Prof. Dr. A. N. M. Mizanur Rahman is currently working as the Director of this Institute. The 4th floor of the five-stored new academic building will be used as the location for IEPT.