Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the new departmentsestablished in o6 June 2018 at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology under the faculty of Mechanical Engineering This branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions on an industrial scale.

The examples of concernedchemical process areoil production and refining and production of inorganic fertilizer, plastics, fine chemicals, metals, paper, synthetic fiber, new materials and food. Despite many different products and productions methods, from a Chemical Engineer's viewpoint,there are many similarities between the different processes.

This program seeks to produce chemical engineers who will contribute to the process industries worldwide. It also strives to provide students with a strong fundamental technical education designed to meet the needs of a changing and rapidly developing technological environment.

This program also seeks to develop innovative science and technology that addresses the needs of industry, the scientific community, and society. Much ofresearch takes a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to solving the grand challenges of industry and society. The ultimate aim is to develop a faculty and alumni who serve as leaders of both the university, their organizations and the field as a whole.

In this new department, the four years undergraduate program will start with the enrollment of 3o students from the next academic session 2018-2019, in future which will reach to 6o intakesand also to have postgraduate program.

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Head : Dr. Mihir Ranjan Halder
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No of Faculty : 2
No of Student : 30
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