Academic Program

Degree Offered

B.Sc Eng , M.Sc Eng , Ph.D

Academic Degree Awarding Program

Undergraduate Program

This department offers Four Year Bachelor degree inEnergy Science & Engineering (B.Sc. Eng.) course to be completed in eight Terms earning total 16o credits covering the fundamental aspects of this discipline. Being a multi-disciplinary department, students get foundational courses from electrical, mechanical, chemical and process engineering domains during freshman and sophomore years. Students take core courses on Solar PV and Thermal Systems, Bio and Wind Energy Systems, Thermo-fluid Devices, Heat and Mass Transfer, Coal Power Generation, Power Plant Engineering, Fuel and Engine Combustion, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Nuclear Power Engineering, Energy Audit and Management, Instrumentation and Control, Energy Systems in Buildings, Energy and Process Integration, Industrial Hazard and Safety Management, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells to name a few. During the senior year students also take individual thesis and optional courses that encompass wide verity of topics and application of energy engineering such as Modern Fuel, LNG and LPG, Cryogenic Engineering, Piping System Design, Energy System Design and Optimization. In order to meet the local and global challenges of twenty first century, the department emphasizes on applied mathematics, scientific computing, and computer added engineering throughout the undergraduate program. Students get intensive training on Octave and Scilab for general purpose scientific computing, Maxima and SageMath for computer aided algebra, and Ansys Academic for finite element analysis (FEA) and CFD analysis. For engineering system dynamic and control students also learn Modelica and Scox. The use of these modern tools enables our students to model, analyse, and design engineering systems and prepares them for successful professional and research career.

Postgraduate Program

The postgraduate program leads to the degree of Master of Energy Science & Engineering (M.Sc. Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).To be awarded a M.Sc. Eng. degree, a student should have to complete minimum 36 credit hours of which g credit hours of project work or 18 credit hours of thesis work in 3 Semesters.The degree requirements of Ph.D. are 6o credit hours of which a maximum of 45 credit hours of thesis works to be completed in 6 Semesters.The postgraduate program is designed for advanced study and research in energy engineering to create intellectually sound and professionally skilled manpower to contribute in the energy sector of Bangladesh. B. Sc. Engineering degree in related discipline may enter the M. Sc. Engineering program through the post-graduation admission procedures of this university. Candidates may register as a full time or part time student. Full students are eligible to get TAship from the university based on the academic performance. The minimum duration to complete the requirements of M. Sc. degree shall normally be three semesters and generally not be more than five academic years from the date of his/her admission. This department will create opportunities for the students as well as professionals to exchange their ideas and experience for technological advancement in the field of Energy engineering to boost up countries economy.