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Natural disasters include floods, droughts, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, landslides, fire hazard, volcanic eruptions etc. and man-made disasters can include collapse of mass structures for improper construction, chemical accidents, oil spills, radiological accidents, conflicts/wars, mass population displacement or refugee emigration, forest fires etc. are common problems in our country. People of south part of Bangladesh are affected with the problems severely. The disasters not only impact to our economy adversely but also bring losses of lives. So, for reduction the huge losses, people should think about the disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness and vulnerability reduction. Huge amount of research works are required to find out sustainable solutions.

The major objectives of the Institute of Disaster Management will be:

  1. i) To undertake research studies and analysis and find out appropriate methods and strategies to tackle environmental problems and hazards.
  2. ii) To study the factors responsible for normal calamities and identify possible ways and means to reduce the extent of damage.
  3. iii) To prepare alternate reconstruction/rehabilitation and relief strategies and plans for the affected people and areas.
  4. iv) To prepare detailed natural disaster preparedness policies and plans.
  5. v) To develop data and information base for conducting research and formulating plans and projects based on accurate, up to date and time series data.
  6. vi) To provide knowledge and information concerning environment to all sections of the society.
  7. vii) To develop the capability of the professionals and institutions, both qualitatively and quantitatively to manage the environmental and disaster related problems effectively and timely.
  8. viii) To launch mass awareness campaign of environmental and disaster management.
  9. ix) To exchange views, ideas and information with related organizations both at home and abroad.
  10. x) To build up a pool of consultants of environment studies and disaster management related fields.