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The IDM will be a research-oriented Institute supporting higher study and research (M.Sc, Ph.D.) in the area of disaster management. The IDM will have professionals and technical staff in the field of water resource engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, geography, environmental planning, urban & rural planning, agricultural planning, management experts and computer specialists. The main activities of IDM can be summarized as:

  1. i) Providing facilities to higher study and research in the field of Water Resources Management, Coastal Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment, GIS and Remote Sensing..
  2. ii) Carrying out environmental and disaster management research studies, surveys, investigations and inventorization of the natural resource base and determine the levels of resource utilization..
  3. iii) Assessment of present state of the environmental problems and their impacts.
  4. iv) Identification of ecological zones to protect wetlands and aquatic resources, wildlife, forests and other flora and fauna.
  5. v) Preparation of disaster relief, reconstruction, and preparedness plan.
  6. vi) Organizing training courses, in-house discussion sessions, seminars and workshops to train the personnel working in the public sectors and the private agencies.
  7. vii) Preparation of posters, leaflets and short films for raising public awareness regarding environmental and disaster management issues.
  8. viii) Designing appropriate computer based programs and techniques to develop data and information base system.
  9. ix) Establishment of network system among the various national, regional and international organization involved in environment studies and disaster management.