Sumya Sydunnaher
Institute of Disaster Management
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh.

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National/International Journal

(Selected Papers)

3 Morshed, M.M., Mazumder,T., Sarkar, S.K., Sami, F.Y., Ishra, A.K., & Sydunnaher, S., "Slowing Core City Growth and Expanding Peripheral Region: Towards a Mega regional formation of Khulna City, Bangladesh.", Spatial Information Research, Springer, vol. 30, pp. 665-677, 2022
2 Sydunnaher, S. Islam, K.S., & Jebunnessa., "Slum Dwellers Understanding of Their Rights and Accessibility to Public Services: A Case Study of Khulna City", Social Science Review, vol. 39, issue 2, pp. 156-169, 2018
1 Sydunnaher, S., Islam, K. S., & Morshed, M, "Spatiality of a multidimensional poverty index: a case study of Khulna City", GeoJournal, spriger, vol. 84, issue 6, pp. 1403-1416, 2019

National/International Conference

(Selected Papers)

2 Sydunnaher, S., Nur-Nabi-Alam, Khatun, M., & Kabir, M.A. , "Demand and Supply Assessment for Pedestrian Facility around the Business Center: A Case Study of PTI More, Khulna City", 2nd International Conference for Sustainable Development, UIU University Dhaka, Bangladesh , 15-17 February,2018
1 Sydunnaher, S. , "Relationship between Dwell Time and Number of Passenger Boarding: A Reflection on Battery Bike in Khulna city, Bangladesh.", 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD) in Khulna, Bangladesh, 9-11 February,2018.

National Journal

1 Tabassum, F. Morshed, M.M. Sydunnaher,S., & Islam, K.S. , "Are We Under Counting Poverty? Targeting Poor for Development Intervention in Khulna City", Plan Plus, vol. 9, issue 1 , pp. 1-16. , 2019

Others publish

1 Sydunnaher, S. (2017). Is Informality a Sign of Inclusive Cities and Communities of Bangladesh? An Observation of Khulna City. Souvenir Published on World Town Planning Day 2017.