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News & Events

  • Vice-Chancellor of KUET Prof Dr. Muhammed Alamgir attended Intl. Conf. SARDINIA 2017 at Italy
    October 07, 2017
  • The Vice-Chancellor of KUET and the Professor of Civil Engineering Department Dr. Muhammed Alamgir attended the SARDINIA 2017 -16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium at Cagliar, Italy, during the period of 2 to 6 October, 2017. In the Conference, Prof. Alamgir Chaired to Technical Session on 2 and 4 Oct. as “WM Concepts in Different Countries” and “Anaerobic Digestion – Biogas utilization”, respectively. He gave oral presented 2 technical papers on 5 and 6 Oct. entitled as “Management of faecal sludge through co-composting approach in Kushtia municipality of Bangladesh (by:N. A. Hafiz, S. M. T. Islam, M. Alamgir)” and “Simulation of sustainable solid waste management system of Khulna city in Bangladesh through Life Cycle Assessment (by:M. S. Islam, S. M. Moniruzzaman, M. Alamgir)”. Another 2 technical papers were also presented in the poster session, entitled as “Experimental study on the safe use of faecal sludge and organic solid waste through co-composting in aquaculture (by:S. Saha, M. Alamgir)” and“Use of Geographical Information System for the evaluation of solid waste management practice In Khulna city (by:S. Golder, M. Alamgir )”. Prof. Alamgir also co-chaired and gave a brief presentationin the IWWG workshop on “Leachate management in tropical areas – Constraints, Solutions, Challenges” on 6Oct. 2017. Before attending the Conference he also made scientific collaboration with the Padova Unveristy, Italy.