Sharfan Upaul
Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh. Phone: +88041769468-75 Ext. 8665
Cell: +8801634872327, Mail : [email protected]
Website :
My research areas of Interest: Environmental Emission and Pollution Control, Air Quality Management, Water Resource Engineering, Geoinformatics and Solid Waste Measurement Linked In:

Educational Records

Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, KUET, Bangladesh. (2014-2018)
Department: Urban and Regional Planning, Marks: 87%, CGPA: 3.85, CGPA Scale: 4.00,
M.S. in Geography and Environmental Engineering
Department of Environmental and Health Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA. (Fall 2022-2024)
Student Type: Regular,
Thesis Title: Sptial-temporal variability of PM2.5 in Baltimore City: A meteorological and NOAA_HYSPLIT wind trajectory model interpretation

Scholarship/Award Received

Prime Minister Fellowship 2022
I got the Prestigious PM Fellowship 2022-23 from Government of Bangladesh.
Technical Scholarship (2015-2018)
Technical Scholarship for four academic years from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology for academic excellence.
Dean’s Award (2016-2018)
Dean’s award for three consecutive academic years (2016 to 2018) for getting honors marks.
FULBRIGHT Scholarship 2023
I was selected as the principle candidate for the Fulbright Scholarship 2023 by U.S. Department of State.

Service Record

Johns Hopkins University
From 24-Jan-2023 to 29-Dec-2023
OrganizationType: University
Location: Maryland, USA
Position: Research Assistant
Department/Section: Department of Environmental Health and Engineering
Working Area: Research in spatial-temporal variability of PM2.5, induced by meteorological factors
Khulna University of Engineering &Technology
From 27-Jan-2019 to Present
OrganizationType: University
Location: Khulna, Bangladesh
Position: Lecturer
Department/Section: Urban and Regional Planning
Working Area: Teaching, Instructing and Academic administration
Status: Active
Western Sydney University
From 15-Aug-2018 to 31-Oct-2018
OrganizationType: University
Location: Australia
Position: Research Assistant
Working Area: Housing research project of Australian Immigrants
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
From 17-May-2017 to 17-Jun-2017
OrganizationType: Government
Location: Khulna
Position: Intern
Working Area: Transportation Planning and Pavement Construction

Administrative Experience Record

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)
From 27-Jan-2019 to Present
OrganizationType: Public University
Location: Khulna
Position: Lecturer
Department/Section: Urban and Regional Planning
Status: Present
Responsibility: Instruction of theoretical and seasonal courses

Professional Training

Responsible Conduct of Research for Engineers (RCRE)
Organization: Johns Hopkins University
Duration: 1 month
International Course on Transportation Planning and Safety
Organization: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India
Duration: 10 Days
Workshop on Role Responsibility and Ethical Principles of University Teacher
Organization: Khulna University of Engineering & Technology
Workshop on Interactive Teaching and Learning (ITL)
Organization: Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

Professional Body Membership

Solid Waste Association of North America
Member Type: General Member
Member ID: 2006383
American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientist
Member Type: Student Member
Member ID: 13442
Teachers’ Association of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology
Member Type: Member
Member ID: 1047

Computer Proficiency

Data Visualization with R Issuing organization: The Johns Hopkins University Issue date: July 2023 Credential ID: D939CLJFHVWE Credential URL:

Getting Started with Python Issuing organization: University of Michigan Issue date: June, 2023 Credential URL:

Programming Techniques for Planners Issuing organization: Khulna University of Engineering & technology Issue date: June, 2015


Project 4 -Evaluation Study of "Khulna Water Supply Project" of of Water Supply & Sewerage Authority of Khulna
Funding Agency: Water Supply & Sewerage Authority of Khulna (WASA- Khulna)
Year: 2021
Through this evaluation study the following topics were answered: • Percentage of people in Khulna have you been able to bring under the safe water project • years are needed to bring the whole city under a safe water project • Coordination with other organizations • How is stakeholder participation done in the project? • How do slum dwellers get the services from the project? • Plans to use public ponds as a reservoir • Measures can be taken to increase water quality
Project 3 - Master Plan on "Solar Light Installation in Streets and Public Places in Khulna City"
Funding Agency: Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP)
Year: 2019
While working in KUET, I had the opportunity to work with two professors from my department as a project member of the “Solar Traffic Light Assessment Project” of Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP). My job, as a project member was to find out the location of the existing solar traffic lights in Khulna city through a GPS survey and to propose the installation of new solar traffic lights in three phases. As the project outcome, I along with my group leader submitted the final report of the feasibility study, showing the efficient location of proposed lights through the suitability analysis.
Project 2- Feasibility study of: “Mayur Riverfront Development Through River Waste Management Project"
Funding Agency: Khulna City Corporation (KCC)
Year: 2019
As a project member, I worked with two other departmental colleagues on the development of the Mayur riverfront in Khulna. Our job was to ensure the smooth flow of the Mayur river by managing the river waste properly and to make recommendations for a linear park along the river. We submitted the final feasibility report through survey and analysis to the Khulna City Corporation Authority.
Project 1 - Country Study: Disaster, Climate Change and Poverty in Bangladesh
Funding Agency: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Year: 2018
This research was done throughout the North Eastern and North Western part of Bangladesh. The main motto of this study was to assess the resilience of the people in flood-prone, drought-prone and water land districts. I worked there as a project member and surveyed 5 districts and 10 Upazillas in Bangladesh. Several seminars and workshops were also done with the focused groups and Key Informants. The total study report was submitted to the authority.

National/International Journal

(Selected Papers)

4 Md. Ashikur Rahman Joy, Sharfan Upaul, Kaniz Fatema, F. M. Rezvi Amin, "Application of GIS and remote sensing in morphometric analysis of river basin at the south-western part of great Ganges delta, Bangladesh.", Hydrology Research, IWA Publishing, vol. 54, issue 06, pp. 739–755, 2023
3 Md. Mokhlesur Rahman and Sharfan Upaul and Jean-Claude Thill and Mahinur Rahman, "Active transportation and the built environment of a mid-size global south city", Sustainable Cities and Society, Elsevier, vol. 89, pp. 104329, 2023
2 Shahriar Sharif, Sharfan Upaul, Sharaf Owamia Mim, "Investigation of Locational and Non-locational Factors Influencing Crash Severity: A Developing World Perspective", Trends in Transport Engineering and Applications, STM Journals, vol. 8, issue 2, pp. 29-45, 2021
1 Sharfan Upaul, Anika Ibnat Chowdhury, Sk Farzana Faruk Nitu, "ASSESSING IMPACT OF 'AMAR BARI AMAR KHAMAR' PROJECT ON POVERTY REDUCTION: A CASE STUDY ON DIGHALIA UP AZILLA, KHULNA", PLAN PLUS, Khulna University, vol. 10, issue 01, pp. 56 - 79, 2021

National/International Conference

(Selected Papers)

3 Md. Mokhlesur Rahman, Sharfan Upaul, Mahinur Rahman, Jean-Claude F. Thill, "Impact of the Built Environment on Active Transportation: Empirical Evidence from a Developing Context", 2022 AAG Annual Meeting, American Association of Geographers , 22 February 2022
2 Sharfan Upaul, Sk Farjana Faruk Nitu, Arpita Bakshi, "A Tentative Scenario of Solid Waste Management in Urban And Peri-urban Area of Khulna District Through The Resource Reuse", WasteSafe 2021- 7th International Conference on Integrated Solid Waste & Faecal Sludge Management: Blue Appropriate Social Oriented Solutions, 27-28 February 2021
1 Sk Farjana Faruk Nitu, Sara Binte Hafiz, Anika Ibnat Chowdhury, Sharfan Upaul, "Climate Change Impact: Evidence from Agriculture and Food Security in Coastal Areas in Khulna Region, Bangladesh", 4th-International Conference on Bangladesh Environment-ICBEN, ICBN, pp.140-159, December 2020

Course Conduction

URP 2292 : Computer Applications in Planning Sessional application of statistical techniques in urban and regional analysis through the uses of application software such as SPSS, Excel etc. economic base analysis, industrial structure analysis, input-output analysis etc. Statistical techniques: the test of independence, analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis etc. Lecture: Sessional; Credits: 3,00; 6 Hours/week

URP 1281: Surveying and Cartography This course covers the scopes of Engineering Surveys, such as: Definition, scope, importance and its uses, different types of engineering survey: reconnaissance survey; plane table survey; traverse survey; leveling and contouring; route surveying; land surveying area and volume calculation. Cartographic surveying: introductions to photogrammetry; remote sensing and global positioning system, types of maps; types of maps commonly used in Bangladesh, use of scales and scale conversion. Elements of Map: Scale, communication objectives, subject matter and function. Mapping techniques: Physical models, photomaps, sketch maps, cartograms. Map analysis and map interpretation. The coordinate system and map scale. Map Projections: Local grids, Geographical grids, Lambert’s methods, Universal Transverse Mercator Grid, Land partitioning systems. Map projection techniques: Planar, cylindrical, conical, etc., terms and words related to land surveying in Bangladesh (CS, RS, etc.) Lecture: Theory; Credits: 3.00; 3 Hours/week

URP 1282: Surveying and Cartography Workshop Field survey of engineering survey: reconnaissance survey; plane table survey; traverse survey; leveling and contouring; route surveying; land surveying area and volume calculation.Physical models, photomaps, sketch maps, cartograms. Map analysis and map interpretation. Prerequisite(s): URP 1281 Lecture: Sessional; Credits: 3.00; 3 Hours/week; 2 weeks of field survey related to course URP 1281 is arranged after First Year

URP 4142: Environmental Planning and Management Studio Air quality measurement, water quality assessment, watershed modeling and morphometric analysis, Application of tools and techniques for Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), different types of money, discounting technique, choice of discount rate and social time preference, investment criteria, basic concepts of financial accounting, dealing with risk and uncertainty, appraisal requirements by national and international financing agencies. Lecture: Theory; Credits: 3.00; 3 Hours/week

URP 2281: GIS and Remote Sensing Meaning of GIS and its application in planning, essential elements GIS, data structures: raster data structures, vector data structures, data acquisition: existing data sets, developing new data sets, data entry, data management, data manipulation, analysis, modeling and 3D GIS. Remote sensing and image analysis: Basic Concepts, satellite and sensors, aerial photogrammetry, application of aerial photogrammetry, processing of remotely sensed Urban social problems: urban crime, juvenile delinquency, vagrancy, blighted area, poverty, beggary, prostitution, leadership. Environment and Society: major environmental issues, ecology, urban ecology, population and environment Migration: Causes and consequences of migration, urbanization and migration, measurement and analysis regarding migration. The fundamental characteristics of the welfare system: The social and institutional basis of economic development and community welfare; the role of social capital in local and community development. Lecture: Theory; Credits: 3.00; 3 Hours/week


Undergraduate Thesis - "Motorized Traffic Impact on Urban Health"

Undergraduate Thesis: - Accelerated Expansion of Built-up Area after Bridge Connection: A case study of Padma Multipurpose Bridge

Undergraduate Thesis: Impacts of Covid-19 On the Shrimp Farmers: A Case Study of Satkhira District

Undergraduate Thesis: “Detection of Spatiotemporal Changes of the Teesta River Bank: A GIS and Remote Sensing Based Approach”

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