Cinque Terre
"All good things in life require a certain type of chemical reaction"

The department focuses on doing research on topics of modern and fundamental chemistry that are important to society. Multifunctional fields such nanostructured materials, electrochemistry and catalysis, solution chemistry, environmental chemistry, organic synthesis, natural products, biomedical chemistry, and organic solar cells are included in the primary research fields. Computer simulations using classical, quantum, and theoretical chemistry on chemical and biological systems, the biophysical chemistry Organic chemistry that is synthetic and mechanistic Organometallics, Bio-Organic Chemistry, and Chemistry in the solid state Dielectric substances, Ion-exchange devices, intermetallic compounds, supermolecular chemistry molecular structure, recognition, and Process Improvements for Organic Change, Chemistry of polymers, NMR spectroscopy, Enzyme stability, folding, and synthesis of peptides. The bio separations, reusable biocatalyst design, aqueous-free enzymology, Immobilization of enzymes and biological reactions Nanomaterials (photovoltaics, optical characteristics) Ionic liquid nanocatalysis, Fluorescence spectroscopy, both collectively and individually
We encourage innovative and critical thinking because we are a top research organization. This department offers students an opportunity to collaborate with leading academics in the search of innovative study that has the ability to improve our lives.

Major Collaborating Countries:
1. Japan
2. Ireland
3. USA
4. UK
5. Australia
7. Korea
8. India