Department of Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering, also known as textile technology, is the study of various principles from engineering and scientific methodologies for the design and control of all aspects of fiber, textile and apparel process, products, and machinery. The discipline involves extensive study of chemical and physical principles to learn the behavior of polymers and raw materials involved in the formation of textile fibers, fabric manufacturing, wet processing and apparel manufacturing. It provides students with a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all disciplines of Textile. In fact, textiles are involved in just about every facet of modern life. The demand of quick response to the present rapidly changing fashion scene with seasons is vital. This could be made possible by the continuing development of the new fibers and innovative manufacturing techniques. The advent of computerization and incorporation of state of the art technologies like composite, nanotechnology has brought about second revolution in the textile industry, introducing sophisticated manufacturing systems capable of keeping pace with rapidly evolving world markets. Textile is the largest industrial sector of Bangladesh accounting for about 82% of our national exports. Over the last couple of decades the face of textiles has changed dramatically all over the world. Textile is no longer a commodity industry but it involves manufacturing of very high-tech products including development of the strongest fiber ever known to man; development of nano- composite material for deep space exploration; development of new bio-compatible materials for artificial organs, blood vessels, tendons or ligaments; development of high-performance fabrics worn by Olympic athletes; development of textiles which provide protection from chemical and biological weapons; development of self- cleaning fabrics; pajamas that sense a baby’s breathing; socks that do not stink, etc. Finding the necessity and better prospect of Textile Engineering, The Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh has given permission to open the department of Textile Engineering in the year 2013 through the organogram of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET). This university conducts admission test to admit 60 students in the department of Textile Engineering every year. The undergraduate program in this department is a four year course and the degree will be awarded as Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering. The classes of first batch for the session 2012-2013 started since 10 March 2013.

Established : 01-10-2012
Head : Dr. Md. Abdul Hasib
Location : New Academic Building, KUET (4th floor block-c)
Phone : +88041-769468-75 Ext-680
BTCL : 02477733300
Fax : +8802477733351
Email : [email protected]
No of Faculty : 14
No of Student : 234
Website: : /department/TE