Academic Program

Degree Offered


Academic Degree Awarding Program

Undergraduate Programme

Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers 4 years Bachelor degree in the field of urban and regional planning (BURP). The object of this programme is to equip students with wide diversity of skills required for urban and regional planning. The admission requirement for BURP programme is same as the other departments as specified by the university authority. The enrolment is to be confirmed through very competitive and transparent undergraduate admission test after 12 years schooling. To obtain the degreeat least 16o creditsis to be completed within 4 academic years.Under this programme the yearly new intake is 6o students. One advisor is appointed for each student who advises the student for his/her academic programme. There is an Academic Committee of Undergraduate (ACUG) in the department which is responsible for monitoring, evaluation and upgrading the performance of the overall course system.

Postgraduate Program

The postgraduate program has an advanced study and research in the areas of the major disciplines of urban and regional planning. The postgraduate program leads to the degree of Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). To be awarded MURP degree, a student should have to complete minimum 36 credit hours of which g credit hours of project work or 18 credit hours of thesis work in 3 Semesters.The degree requirements of PhD are 6o credit hours of which a maximum of 45 credit hours of thesis works to be completed in 6 Semesters.

Major Field of Studies

The basic concentration of the undergraduate programme covers the following functional areas: Urban, physical and land use planning, Rural and regional planning, Transportation studies and planning, Environmental, natural resource planning and disaster management, Housing, real estate development and project planning, Urban and social policy development and development planning. Besides, some functional areas of the course curriculum also covers some technical aspects to improve student's technical skills like communication skills, analytical skills, cartography, surveying, remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information System) skills.